Top Christmas Earring Gifts for Her

Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Earrings

It’s been teasing her from under the Christmas tree this whole holiday season. That little package that more than likely is holding something big.Imagine her delight when she opens up a pair of handcrafted Diamondere earrings—with the gemstone of her choice reflecting lights from the Christmas tree. Fine jewelry gifts come with a special sprinkle of Christmas magic. Created with her in mind, jewelry begins a love story you get to experience for the rest of your life.

Since earrings are so customizable and come in a variety of styles, they’re one of our favorite jewelry Christmas gift ideas.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pair of women’s earrings to make her feel appreciated, consider the search over.

We’re sharing all our secrets to help you put your best foot forward with a sentimental present.

Women’s Stud Earrings to Make Her Christmas Bright

Christmas time is arguably the most popular season to wear earrings. Women are excited to get dressed up in cozy Christmas sweaters and holiday dresses—and top off their stunning look with a set of memorable earrings.

To complement the colors she’s already wearing, we recommend choosing ruby, emerald, or gold.

The Makayla Stud Earrings in Emerald

With circle-cut emeralds, the Makayla Earrings embrace modern romance by using a gold hexagon setting. This small touch makes an elegant addition to a velvet dress and knee-high boots.


Our Favorite Ruby Stud Earrings for Women

The Eudora Earrings hold a bright and shining ruby in the center—surrounded by diamonds. She’ll feel like royalty when she opens them on Christmas morning—and she won’t even wait for the rest of the presents to be unwrapped before trying them on.


Yellow Gold Diamond Studs

When all else fails, classic yellow gold diamond studs come in clutch. Choose from our favorite options like the Avianna Earrings or the Jeanne Earrings to imitate the Christmas star.


Birthstone Earring Options

Often, fine jewelry pieces are used as a reflection of her. With a set from our exclusive collection of birthstone earrings, she’ll be able to show off her truest self—according to the zodiac chart.

Tanzanite is the official birthstone of December. It’s a rare purple stone that was only discovered in recent years—and is expected to run out of supply within a few generations.

If she’s not a December baby, you can still give a birthstone jewelry gift for her Christmas present.

Check out our birthstone guide to see which stone aligns with her birth month and star sign.

Hoop Earrings for the Woman Who’s Always in Style

Hoops are making a comeback in modern fashion trends, and we’re here for it. These elegant fashion statements are subtle and stunning.

If she cares about wearing the latest styles to Christmas soirees, holiday work parties, or simply around the office, she’s probably already got her eye on a pair of hoop earrings.

You’ll make her wish come true before she even asks.

Hoops trace all the way back to 2500 BC. Traditionally, they were made out of hammered or poured gold and could vary greatly in size.

Today, we use modern designs and fashion trends from around the globe to offer bold statement pieces, studded with gemstones and diamonds. 

Some of our favorites include the Freedom Earrings, the Plasir Earrings, and the Elda Earrings.


Custom Teardrop Earrings Designed for a Special Occasion

These are the picture of elegance—and the best design to wear when the invitation says, “black tie”. Teardrop earrings also vary greatly in style and design, so hers will be totally unique and stand out from the crowd.

Usually, these earrings have a triangular shape. At the top, there is a small touch of filigree or gold, and the bottom of the design widens to create the famous teardrop shape.

A Teardrop Earring Audrey Hepburn Would be Proud Of,

In classic films, there’s something enchanting about a handsome man picking up a delicate pair of vintage earrings and presenting them to his partner. The Clarissa Earrings in Ceylon sapphire deserve a place in the Hollywood spotlight—and are similar to pieces worn by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn.


Be Unapologetically You When It Comes to Fashion

You should always be comfortable in your own skin. It’s hard not to be with the Doux Earrings glittering above your shoulders. We chose rubies to complement this earring, but you can browse all our gemstone options and choose the one you love.


Show Off Your Exquisite Taste with Custom Earring Designs

It’s common for women to gush over their friends’ jewelry and fashion. When her coworker asks where she got the amazing new studs, she’ll say, “My partner designed them especially for me.”

There’s no other pair like them anywhere in the world. If that’s not swoon-worthy romance, we don’t know what is.

At Diamondere, designing custom earrings is easier than ever before. On our website, you can adjust the gemstone size, gemstone type, gold types, and more. You have total control over the quality you buy, too.

But personalized jewelry goes even further. You can work directly with our jewelers to create a piece that exists only in your mind.

Here’s Why Women’s Earrings Make the Best Holiday Gift

Still not sure if earrings are the right gift for your partner? That’s okay. Our goal is to walk alongside you and help you choose the exact present to express your affection.

While you’re second-guessing, here are a few essential truths about women’s earrings to help you make the decision:

  • Earrings frame the face. If she wants to accentuate her eyes or her smile, this is the gift you want to buy.
  • Earrings are an impressive gift. Nothing says I know you like a pair of earrings that perfectly match her taste.
  • Earrings are a safe gift. Whether you’re gifting them to your partner, mom, or grandmother, earrings are safe for any woman in your life. They show your deep affection without the formal commitment of a ring or necklace.

Our advice? Just be yourself. Wrap up something you know will show her your affection now and for years to come—maybe it’ll be earrings.

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