Winter Pleasures: “No sew” DIY Santa hat

The time has come for entertaining DIY projects and Christmas crafts! When I prepare things for my kids, they always react with great excitement. They feel valued, and watching them smile simply warms my heart!
I’m not lying when I say that it’s simple to rush out and buy cheap character hats or cheap hats that break apart every year. Here is a quick and simple “No Sew” method for making gorgeous Santa hats.
Here are the materials you’ll need to get started:
Red polyester velour fabric (half a yard is more than enough for one hat, of course; I made two and have plenty of fabric leftover in case I want to create presents).

White Solid Faux Fur (1/2 is also suitable for a few extra toddler-size hats)
textile shears

Paper cutters
tape measure
glue sticks and a glue gun
Ruler, pencil, and/or pen
Trim (optional) (optional)
We must take a measurement of the wearer’s head’s circumference first. You may start drafting your pattern after you have that measurement.

Draw the circumference of your hat’s base using a ruler using the measurement. Then divide that amount by two. You must now measure the height of your headgear. I did as follows: Start at the top of the ear and drape your measuring tape over the head, letting it dangle down to the opposite side. Keep in mind the ideal length. Create a line running directly down the middle using this measurement. Create a “Triangle” form by drawing a line from the top to the bottom of each of the outside edges. Make a little curvature by swinging a thread attached to a pencil outward to either side at the length of your hat (or trace freehand like I did).


*Tip: Get your glue gun warmed up, but keep it out of the children’s reach because it becomes quite hot! Your pattern is now ready to be cut out. Place the cloth on the fold with the correct sides facing out. There will be just one seam down the side. With enough space for the appropriate seam allowance, place your pattern along the fold and cut. Take out your glue gun now. Begin applying a bead of glue to the side, going at least two inches at a time. Press forcefully while working swiftly to seal the seam. The glue dries quickly.



Turn the hat right side out when the adhesive has cured. To cut a fake fur trim strip, use the same circumference measurement. Decide on your trim height (I used a measurement of 2 3/4′′) and cut. Align the trim with the Christmas hat seam beginning at the bottom edge, then glue it in place. One-eighth of an inch in from the trim edge, run the glue bead. Put glue on the top edge in the same manner as the bottom edge after it has dried.



Now let’s talk about the pom-pom on top of the cap. In all honesty, I looked everywhere for the crafts pom-poms I required, but I couldn’t locate any that were the right size or quality. That being stated, I made the decision to make one! I drew a circle on the ground with a big candle. It had a diameter of almost 3 inches. I used a pea-sized drop of glue to affix the pom-pom to the top of my hat after locating its center. I next carefully applied little quantities of glue around the pom-edges. pom’s I carefully pinched and adhered all the way around the Christmas hat’s top.


Take a peek at the completed hats now! My daughter’s Christmas hat has a beautiful touch thanks to the satin ribbon I added to it! Children adored them! Have fun writing your own and I hope you enjoyed this one!

11finished hats

James Percival

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